Introduction to OD

What is OD?

Organization Development (OD) is a field of theory, research and practice that uses behavioral science knowledge to enhance effectiveness of an organisation’s strategy, people and processes, in a systematic and planned manner. Organization Development (OD) as a conceptual model and application emerged in the United States in the early 1950s and spread to many countries including India. By the 1970s, OD was a very popular field of practice among practitioners of change management in this country. In the 1980s and 90s, OD became integrated with Human Resources Development and slowly lost its unique focus. Alternative models of OD(e.g. Appreciative Inquiry), new applications of OD (e.g. , Organizational ethics and governance), and innovative methods of intervention (e.g., LSIP) are constantly emerging in the practitioner’s growing awareness and expertise. During this period, organizations continued to explore many alternatives to OD for managing change, finally realizing that all new models have fundamentally OD principles built into them.

OD in India

Many exciting stories of OD interventions for organisational transformation have been emerging in India. Globalisation of the Indian market place and liberalisation of business policies have made OD a critical need to bring about organisational change and transformation.

ISABS pioneered building of competencies and strengthening OD Practice in India through continuous focus on process work in its various offerings. One such offering is the Organisation Development Certification Program (ODCP) started by ISABS in 2005. This programme focuses on internalisation of core values and OD processes, while enriching competencies through exposure to new and emerging technologies