Overview of ODCP

Organizations today are expected to be both sensitive to changes in the external environment as well as internally agile to respond to the external environment. It has been widely recognized that to manage these expectations, the quality of human capital is the key differentiator. People and systems-related interventions under the umbrella of OD aim to enhance the quality of human capital, relationships and processes within organizations. OD practitioners strive to manage change and transformation, while working with people, processes and culture within organizations, which are necessarily embedded within a complex, global and diverse world.

The Organisation Development Certification Programme (ODCP) from ISABS is designed to equip participants in facilitating organisations to manage change and respond effectively and speedily to such challenges. It combines strong people competencies, the ISABS’ forte, with fundamentals of Organisational systems and change theories.

The programme has the following objectives:

1. Develop and refine professional competencies anchored in behavioural science to facilitate Organization Development
2. Become an Organization Development consultant – internal or external
3. Learn about human processes that impact and facilitate change in large systems
4. Prepare for leadership positions in change processes to move organizations towards greater effectiveness

In our OD Certification Programme, the practice of OD is envisaged as a process of co-creation with members of the organization, while enabling people, groups and processes to facilitate desired change towards greater organizational effectiveness.

To be an effective OD practitioner that enables this process of co-creation, we believe that there are four fundamental areas of learning:

1. Experiencing and using self as an instrument of change
2. Exploring and working with group & systemic processes
3. Building a strong foundation of theory & concepts of OD
4. Application of all of the above in an OD project, and ongoing practice

Each of the above four learning areas is equally critical, therefore ODCP programme is structured in a way that focuses on all of them simultaneously, as well as having separate modules for each of them.