Organization Development Certification Programme

The ISABS Organizational Development Certification Program (ODCP), renowned as one of the premier OD courses globally, is now open for 2024 admissions. Ideal for individuals aspiring to impact change, including OD Consultants, Business Executives, Social Innovators, HR Professionals, Academics, and those in Administrative or Managerial capacities. This course is tailored to equip you with the skills to drive transformative change in various organizational settings.


ODCP is an academic-cum-application-oriented course of ISABS for working professionals across all functional areas of organisational life. Spread over 18 months, this learning program provides participants with conceptual knowledge, process skills, competencies, multiple tools & practices needed for performing various OD roles in organizations as an internal or external consultant.


• Concepts and theoretical foundation of OD, elements of OD

• Human processes that play out at individual, group and system levels in organisations.

• Assimilation of conceptual knowledge through application and practice.

• A hybrid learning experience anchored by the dual support system of ‘learning facilitator’ and ‘coach’,and reinforced with assignments and ongoing feedback. The methodology includes experiential learning, self-exploration through instruments, case study analysis as well as conceptual inputs and discussions.

• Academic rigour is inbuilt through ‘action research’ methodology; by seeing the processes that happen within themselves and in the learning group as a microcosm of an organization.