ISABS & Organization Development in India

The story of ISABS is also the story of OD (Organization Development) in India. From the late 1960s, pioneers in the field of OD in India were developing programs for Internal Change Agents and Facilitators. Indian Behavioural scientists such as Udai Pareek, Pulin Garg, Dharni Sinha, Somnath Chattopadhyaya, Manohar Nadkarni, Abad Ahmad, Ishwar Dayal and Francis Menezes, to name a few, were some of the founders of ISABS as also the first practitioners of OD in India, who made path-breaking contributions to the field of OD. ISABS continues to take this legacy forward in different ways. Specializing in human process work, ISABS continues to offer Human Process Laboratories and a variety of process-oriented programmes as well as developmental programmes for professionals capable of facilitating these programmes.

The Organizational Development Certification programme (ODCP) is a natural extension and embodies the very essence of ISABS’ philosophy and heritage of process work expertise available within ISABS.

Many current ISABS Professional Members are leading practitioners of OD in India and abroad. We have continuing professional linkages with Applied Behavioral Science organization outside India viz. National Training Laboratories (NTL), with many ISABS members also being NTL members, including some who are on the Academic Council of ODCP, OEGGO in Austria. ODCP benefits from this abundant pool of expertise and experience.