ODCP includes concepts and theories of OD, and human processes that play out (at Individual, Group and System level) with a strong focus on internalisation of these two dimensions through application and practice. The understanding and practice of OD Values – inclusion, diversity, equity, collaboration and continuing learning are the foundation of ODCP.

The Academic Process is designed to instill in the participants, an understanding of both, concepts and processes. The participants learn and embrace Action Research methodology to understand the external world by experiencing its reflection within themselves and others; and by putting theory to practice. Thereby they also get to understand how to facilitate change at different levels.

More specifically, the curriculum comprises:

  • Basic Human Process Laboratory
  • Experiencing & absorbing the OD process & Conceptual foundations of OD
  • Using Self as an Instrument of Change
  • Process and Tools of OD & Emerging themes in OD
  • Project Presentation & Consolidation, Assessment & Certification

The learning design has a mix of face-to-face and virtual class room sessions, assignments and ongoing feedback processes. Online discussions to exchange insights and clarify doubts create a learning partnership between participants and faculty. Adequate shadow consulting and mentoring are offered by the ODCP Academic Committee, Faculty and Mentors in each region.