Admission Process

Applying to ISABS

The applying process in ISABS is slightly different from other universities. It is designed to be simple and candidate friendly. It starts early in order for you to understand, complete and prepare yourself for the course.

Submit your application

– Upload your latest CV with your picture,
– A note not more than 2000 words telling us about “Why you think you are ready for this course”,

We assess every candidate individually. Admission decisions are based on our mutual understanding of your ability and potential. We are looking for different things in different people, which means there is no blueprint for a perfect ODCP candidate. We welcome diversity among the candidates to have a healthy mix in a batch.


Everyone with a reasonable chance of being offered the course is called for a conversation to understand the motivation, purpose and readiness to join this rigorous 18 months course. Based on our mutual understanding, we may have more than one conversation till we reach a satisfactory decision. The intent of these conversations is to help you to make it an aware process and also enable informed choice. We consider such a decision to have important implications for your career & Life trajectory.

Our decision

Our decision will be communicated to you within three weeks of our last conversation with you. We would like you to make your own choice . To what extent do you believe this program fits your career & Life goals. And we presume you have done your own home work as to how well you are prepared to invest time, efforts, funds and the passion required to practice OD in its true sense.

Towards the end when we are both ready to make the final decision, you shall be required to sign up your consent of your readiness to adhere to the standards of program requirements and ethical practices of OD, even during the training & learning stages.

Admission Form

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